Our History

The Beginning

Founded by a product developing scientist and entrepreneurship enthusiast, The Centermarble Group, LLC was named after the direct English translation of the founder's native name. He's name was given in hopes that he can be the center force of a large movement.

At the age of eleven, he lost his father and lived his young adult life in financial hardship. Working from a young age and frequently being forced to find creative solution with limited resources, he gained tremendous knowledge and experience in overcoming any challenges. Once he was able to turn his life around, he wanted to us his experience, knowledge, and talent to help others.

In 2017, he established The Centermarble Group, LLC to help any individual or organization to reach their goal reardless of what financial situation they are in.  Our company is not a non-profit organization but we are closest it can get since making you succeed takes priority over our success.


About Us

Our Vision

Becoming the unrivaled leader of enabling entrepreneurial dreams

Our Mission

To help any individual or organization to maximize their limited resources and optimize business operations in most creative, innovative, and efficient ways

Our Values

  • Creativity
  • Efficiency
  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Hope